BLACK IN BLUE is a dramatic feature film that explores the current racial tensions between the police and those they are sworn to protect in a heartfelt story that pulls no punches from either side of the issue while dealing with race, loss, love, corruption, redemption, and forgiveness. This film takes the awareness our nation has been forced into and ignites it, motivating real change in our communities and those who are supposed to protect them.

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Psychological stress weighs heavy on a black cop when the rookie's loyalty is challenged by the badge he represents in a predominantly white precinct within a racially charged Black neighborhood he protects. The death of a childhood friend at the hand of a white cop pins the young officer against his pregnant wife, a legal advocate for victims of injustice; senior officers who stand by the ways of the old guard; and a defiant teenager who he is trying to save form being a casualty of the streets or a cops gun. We believe that the gripping storylines, high stakes and dynamic characters in "Black In Blue" will appeal to a wide audience.

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The Production Team


 C0-Creator/ Producer/ Actress

Kevalena Everett grew up on the violent streets of Philadelphia. PA where she lived amidst drugs, police shootings, Black on Black killings, and rampant racism. Having persevered and worked hard to get out of that environment, Kevalena has an intimate knowledge of sable Johnson's struggle as a visceral connection with this material that goes beyond words, creating and emotionally charged woman that everyone will be able to relate to and cheer for.

Todd AnthoNY

 Co- Creator/ Producer/ Actor

Todd Anthony grew up as a young black man in Philadelphia, PA and witnessed the lifestyle that drugs, gangs, and crime lead to up close and personal. However, members of his immediate family were officers in the police department, exposing him to the  law enforcement side of things , and how they try to "protect & serve" each and every day. Having lived with both, Todd has the ability to accurately depict Anthony Johnson's struggle and convey this story's powerful message aimed at both the law enforcement and Black communities, both here and abroad.


Writer / Producer

From Philadelphia, PA, this three-time NAACP award Winning writer, director, and producer is an alumnus of both Lincoln University and Temple University. Where he received his Master’s degree in Film and Media Arts. He is the founder of Temple University’s Black Media Collective, and one of the original friends who starred in the iconic Budweiser “Whassup!” Guys Campaign. Thomas has written, directed, and produced for the stage and screen for such companies as Image Entertainment, and Don B. Welch Productions. Also working with Will Smiths Company, Overbrook Entertainment’s production team on MEN IN BLACK III. Recently, his musical “What Would Divas Do?” DIVALOGUES, Witch he co-wrote/produced/directed. Aired on TV ONE NETWORK in the series R&B DIVAS LA.



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